Domestic Business Division

Wholesale Department

Explore the world's finest products and offer them to the domestic market

The wholesale department seeks out hidden gems from around the world that have been passed down from the good old days to the present day, and sells them exclusively in Japan. In addition, we are developing products that convey the wishes of the creator by brushing up the excellent materials and products made in Japan from a unique perspective.

Wholesale business

Wholesale sales to major department stores, interior shops, apparel shops, online stores, gift catalogs, etc.

  • ・We value communication with our business partners and guide the results of sales expansion by proposing effective approaches.
  • ・We will thoroughly control quality and provide high-quality products that meet domestic demand.

Store operations

Operation of original select store "Gluxury"

  • ・Through the operation of "Gluxury", we offer our customers environmentally friendly, high-quality brands carefully selected under the theme of "Green Luxury".

Sales promotion

Planning, production and proposal of souvenirs, novelties, etc.

  • ・Innovative ideas provide added value beyond what clients demand and surprises beyond the imagination of end users.

Contract manufacturing of branded products

Collaboration with famous brands, planning, production and proposal of OEM products

  • ・We use our diverse product knowledge to accurately grasp the needs of our clients and make proposals that go one step beyond to create customer satisfaction.

E-commerce Department

Providing a sense of excitement with unique items

We handle imported brand online stores and we are developing an E-commerce shop with unique items that color your life.

Providing good stuff

Polite, sincere, speedy response

Provides a sense of excitement

Management Shop


An online store that directly delivers overseas brand items selected from all over the world to customers. As a directly managed store of each brand, we strive to provide the highest standards of safety and security, and to provide services that satisfy our customers. Gluxury will continue to propose new lifestyles.

Apoml, a small grocery store in town

We operate an online shop that handles a wide range of items from interior goods to kitchen goods and food. We are developing shops at Rakuten Ichiba and Yahoo! Shopping that promptly provide customers with what they want and add color to their daily lives. We select products by facing each product so that our customers will be satisfied. We look forward to welcoming you to our store at "Apoml, a small general store in town," which was named with the desire to become a part of my life.