Global Business Division

Going to the world stage with Japanese technology and quality

The International Business Headquarters has a mission of "spreading the quality of Japan to the world." Introduction of gas meters made in Japan and development of water meters in developing countries such as Bangladesh We are promoting the public living infrastructure development business as the main axis.
In addition to "measuring", Japanese-made infrastructure equipment with excellent durability that protects people's lives and operates properly even in harsh environments is available. It has been highly evaluated by public institutions in each country.
In addition, we are also proceeding with a health-related business from Japan in parallel, creating further synergistic effects by mutually collaborating with different industries of the government and the public. We strive to contribute to improving the lives of as many customers as possible.
I have always been and will always be grateful to the people involved. We will work sincerely on each business with a spirit of challenge.

Prepaid gas meter installation business

In Bangladesh, in 2016, we received an order for 200,000 prepaid gas meters in Dhaka and 60,000 in Chittagong (JICA Yen loan project), and installed a total of 260,000 prepaid gas meters.Furthermore, from 2021, 120,000 additional units have begun to be installed in Dhaka. With offices in both cities, a total of 100 staff members from Japan and overseas are working together to carry out the project.

In Bangladesh, where gas meters were not installed until now, the gas usage fee is a flat rate, and the waste of natural gas caused by the awareness that "it must be used" and the unpaid gas fee have become major problems. .. A prepaid gas meter made in Japan was introduced to solve these problems. By "visualizing" gas consumption by installing Japanese meters, waste of natural gas has been reduced by as much as 40%. Gas meters made in Japan, which have made it possible to deliver valuable limited resources to more users, are highly evaluated due to their advanced security functions, and we are further strengthening our activities to meet further demand.

Bangladesh Dhaka Branch Member
Bangladesh Chittagong Branch Member

The stage of expanding activities

Now, the stage of activities is expanding from Bangladesh to Mexico and Indonesia. Utilizing the research scheme supported by JICA, we aim to steadily and actively develop in Central and South America and Southeast Asia.


Adopted by the 1st Public Technology Promotion Project for Social and Economic Development in Developing Countries "Prepaid Gas Meter Promotion Project for General Households"
Adopted in the 2nd SME Overseas Expansion Support Project Project Project Survey "Project Project Survey for Water Supply Improvement in Dhaka City"
Prepaid gas meter installation business (JICA yen loan business) Orders for 200,000 units in Dhaka City and 60,000 units in Chittagong City
Adopted by the 1st Public Technology Promotion Project for Social and Economic Development in Developing Countries "Prepaid Gas Meter Promotion Project for General Households"


Adopted in the 2nd SME / SDGs Business Support Business Basic Survey "IoT Two-way Communication Type Prepaid Gas Meter Introduction Basic Survey"


Mexico Prepaid Gas Meter Introduction Basic Survey (JICA / SME Overseas Expansion Support Project)

Collaboration with Tanita Corporation Overseas expansion of "Tanita Health Program"

As a new business, we are working on overseas expansion of the "Tanita Health Program" in collaboration with Tanita Corporation, which is renowned as a comprehensive health company. By using the body composition analyzer and high-precision activity meter manufactured by the company for the first time in the world, it is possible to visualize its own physical information and amount of exercise. This program, which promotes awareness-raising and health activities, is also becoming widespread in Bangladesh, Mexico and Indonesia.